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After writing hundreds of stories, I started to notice that many small business owners in my town were trying hard to market themselves but doing so ineffectively with a confusing message, poor design, and/or a broken website.

At the time, my fiance Paul worked night work, and I found myself staying up late into the evening taking online graphic and web design courses and teaching myself Adobe Illustrator so that I could design better logos, ads, or marketing materials for them.

In early 2016, with a desire to help even more small business owners outside of my community, I started a small online shop selling custom logos and marketing materials before adding Squarespace website design to my services just a few months later.

To my surprise, I signed my first client just three days after launching.
That next Winter, I gave birth to our son, Paulie, and spent much of his early infancy cradling him and teaching myself the back-end of Showit, before offering that as a service several months later. In just a year I had a completely sustainable business that I was able to manage while staying home with my son.

The clients have kept coming - and I'm so thankful.

In 2012, I was fresh out of college, armed with some Public Relations know-how and feeling utterly confused about my place in the world. Between waitress gigs, I found myself thrust into the world of social media management. After just a few months of managing several high-profile accounts for some big names in the fashion industry - I felt burnt out. The passion wasn't there and the social media industry - that feeling of go, go go, just didn't sit well with me.

I knew I wanted something more.

It was then that my mom (she's awesome for this alone) told me about a news org that had just started in our area. So with a fresh bite by the writing bug, I sent them an email. One of those "please let me write for free, grab your coffee, or sit in the same room as you" type emails - and to my benefit, they responded.

They were just a week into publication, and were as start-up as start-up could be. They had read some of the pieces I'd written as editor of my highschool newspaper and threw me to the races, allowing me to get my feet wet by writing cute, fluff, feature pieces for an audience of over 150,000 people. That contributor role became a lead editor role, and those fluff news pieces became government, education, and crime pieces.

And I've been rewarded - my work has been featured by Fox and BBC.

Here's a little more about me, JUST in case you're curious....

Hey There!

Created solid, purposeful brands for more than 100 small business owners and creatives worldwide.

Helped women clarify their brand, mission, and ideal client through in-depth clarity calls, consultations, questionnaires and PDF guides.

Provided training and continuing education resources for clients to continue expanding and elevating their brand.

Been honored in both my writing and brand design professions by Fox, BBC, Glomotive, and Fraser & Co.


Serving Small Business Owners

If you're struggling with what copy to put on your site to best explain your mission and attract future customers - then look no further. I'll help bring your brand voice to life through conversion-focused copy. This service is available by itself, or as an add-on to a website design package.


Whether you have a new business and are looking to establish your presence, or you have an existing business with a look or mission you feel you've outgrown - I have the perfect package for you. My custom design services are thoughtfully crafted to suit your exact needs and help set you apart in a crowded space.


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