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We help you clarify and elevate your brand through words and design so you can get more of the high-end clients you've been craving.


Our trusted system hones in on your unique story, aesthetic and client process to create a message and look that is unique to you. There's nothing cookie cutter about it.

I was more than a thousand stories into my career as a Philadelphia journalist when I found the world of brand strategy and logo design.

As a journalist, I had received press inquiries from brand new and established businesses on the daily, and I noticed so many were trying to target the local community with poor design and ineffective marketing. As a public relations major and later as a journalist, I understood what helped grab an audience's attention... and the design part, to my surprise, came naturally.

After teaching myself Adobe Illustrator, Squarespace and Showit with a sleeping newborn on my chest, I opened a small Etsy shop selling custom branding and web design packages to businesses online; and I unexpectedly signed my first client just three days after launch.

Over the last four years, my business has grown like I never thought possible. It has allowed me to do what I love, support other creative women and bring them on to my team, and be a stay at home mom to our little boy, Paulie.

I've come to love this creative space, it's a place where a girl like me from Philadelphia, with a passion for telling stories and designing can go on to blend her passions together and work with other creative women all over the world.

Amanda Burg

founder, copywriting & website expert

After more than six years as the Editor for a leading Philadelphia news website, I felt compelled to hang up my press badge for good and begin working more closely with small business owners on marketing and design.

where you've seen me:

we're all creative blog
we're all creative podcast
the live abundantly podcast
the female founder collective

some things I love:

sushi (philly rolls to be exact)
binge-watching the office or friends
cuddling with my family (+ dog shelby)
mojitos and iced coffee (yes even when its cold!)
old volkswagen bugs (dream car)

some things I loathe:

olives - thank goodness i have my husband
sugary candy (i know)
wine (unless IT'S mixed with sprite, so classy)
attending sporting events
rollercoasters (does this list make you hate me?)