In 2012, I was fresh out of college and like most girls that age, feeling utterly confused about my place in the world. Between waitress gigs, I took it upon myself to apply some of what I learned in my public relations studies to managing social media accounts for a few local businesses in Philadelphia.

After just a few months of working with some big names in the fashion industry - I felt burnt out.

The passion wasn't there and I craved something more. I craved working in an environment more closely with clients, where I felt a transformation was happening in their lives, where I could serve as a small instrument in that.

I wasn't sure what that calling was yet - but I knew I was being pulled towards something different.

After one of those tear-soaked-tissues-filled-moments with my mom - I had a plan.

So with a fresh bite by the writing bug, I sent a local news organization an email. One of those "please let me write for free, grab your coffee, or sit in the same room as you" type emails - and to my benefit, they responded.

They were just a week into publication, and were as start-up as start-up could be. They had read some of the pieces I'd written as editor of my high school newspaper and threw me to the races, allowing me to get my feet wet by writing fluff, feature pieces for an audience of over 150,000 people. That contributor role became a lead editor role, and those fluff news pieces became government, education, and crime stories. 

I went from unsure of my path and feeling lost to having my work featured by Fox and the BBC.

I was over a thousand stories into my career when I felt compelled to work with all of the small businesses in my area that I saw were hard at work trying to market themselves with an ineffective, confusing message, and poor design.

At the time, my fiance Paul worked night work, and I found myself staying up late into the evening taking online graphic and web design courses and teaching myself Adobe Illustrator (the things us nerds do for fun, right?!)

In early 2016, with a desire to help even more small business owners outside of my community, I started a small online shop selling custom logos and marketing materials before adding website design to my services just a few months later.

To my surprise, I signed my first client just three days after launching.

That was over three years ago - so mom, if you're reading this - you can breathe a BIG sigh of relief. You're girl is happy - and she's doing what she loves.

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