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Well hello there! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve chatted with you all – have allergies been kickin’ anybody else’s butt lately?! But, we all know regardless of how we’re feeling the work still has to get done – and that means I’ve been keeping my worker hat on and powering through the sniffles […]

Turning Your Passion Into Profit

Building a website is complicated – there are lots of steps to making sure your website will actually lead to quality inquiries. I don’t want to include too much fluff in this post (fluff isn’t really my thing) so after being booked to the max with copywriting consultations and clarity calls this week – I […]

4 Things You Can Do Right Now To Up-Level Your Home Page

Too often when I’m checking out a service providers website I get confused. I get confused about what they do, how they can help me, and what steps I need to take to work with them. Beautiful websites, although obviously aesthetically pleasing, can sometimes be the biggest culprits of this. They try too hard to […]

Why Your Process Needs 3 Steps

Cristina Topham, a successful caterer in Sonoma County, California, was looking for a way to elevate her brand and help differentiate it from the competition. After chatting with her friend and colleague Marisa (from Girl With Glass) she was sold on working with me. Cristina was hoping that my expertise in brand messaging and design […]

Brand Spotlight: Spread Catering Co.

Sharing a personal spotlight on a brand and website re-design is a completely new process for me, but something I’m excited to introduce and explore as we dive deep into 2019. Too often it is easy to dive headfirst into a project, complete it, and then move onto the next project – and I’m making […]

Brand Spotlight: Jacquelene Hayes

There are so many important things to include when building or laying out your business website – but your about page is one of the most important. Your about page is the section that your ideal client will go to when they’re already interested in what you do and want to learn more about the […]

7 Keys To An Amazing About Page

Most people that know me personally would say I’m probably equal parts helpful and equal parts blunt. What does that mean? It means that I sympathize with people and their problems to a degree – and then I start offering simple, logical advice (that usually comes out bluntly) but often helps people a whole lot. […]

The BIGGEST Mistake You May Be Making When Building Your Service


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