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Believe me, I know that you're struggling with #allthethings. I'm here to encourage you, build you up, and most of all, look inside your business to educate you on areas of growth. This business thing... we can do it together.

when you're ready to grow and you NEED A FRIENDLY FACE IN THIS CRAZY INDUSTRY, i'm here.

looking for the secret ingredient to growing your business?

Do you have an idea for scaling or services that you need to run by someone who has been there? Let's chat! I'll listen in, offer advice and encouragement.


If you feel stagnant in your business and are wondering how you can grow and hit the next stage, let's chat. We'll talk opportunities and room for improvement.


If you're looking to get your design or copywriting business off the ground and want to chat with a seasoned pro, then this a great place to get started.


how do you know you need a mentor?

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Amanda Burg is a website designer and copywriter for creatives and small business owners.

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