amanda burg
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I've been where you are. Struggling. Fighting the urge to compare myself to other business owners. Looking for the secret sauce to grow my business. And most of all... feeling alone.

need a friendly face in this crazy industry?

Believe me, I know that you're struggling with #allthethings. I'm here to encourage you, build you up, and most of all, look inside your business to educate you on areas of growth. This business thing... we can do it together.

In three years I went from selling $100 logo packages in an Etsy shop, to building a six figure business that books in advance, employs three others, and charges premium rates. It didn't happen overnight, and it didn't happen without a ton of hard work, but I'm here to open up my processes and heart to help you get there too.

That friend you;ve been looking for? Right here!

We’ll start by chatting about you and your business via email. Then I'll send over a thorough questionnaire  so that I know exactly where you are in your business and how I can help.


Step One: Discovery

On the day of your mentor session we'll get right into it. You'll have me for 90 minutes, we can chat about anything you'd like and you'll leave the conversation with good, actionable steps that you can feel confident will help you grow your business.


Step Two: Mentor Session

Just because your session is over doesn't mean I'm done with you! I'll be sure to check in with you with additional educational resources and to make sure you're on track to hit your goals. If you need additional mentor sessions, you'll receive a 25% discount!

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Step Three: Accountability